Feb. 05, 2012

Rachel Cagle

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The Motto By Shane Adams

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We Speak is a poster and blog campaign featuring ten young women who are speaking up about their relationships with mental health and how it informs their identities. Part of Launch: Stamps School of Art and Design’s Senior Thesis Exhibition at the University of Michigan, it will be featured at Work Gallery - Ann Arbor in the exhibition opening on Friday, April 18th from 6-9. The show will remain up through May 3rd. 

In the past year, the ten young women featured in the poster portion of We Speak came face to face with the state of our mental health. Our stories, carefully and honestly written, are meant to start a conversation about a topic that many of us wish we could ignore. But these are our realities, and in sharing them, we want to start chipping away at the stigma that often keeps us feeling weak and alone.

In addition to the original ten participants, everyone is encouraged to consider sharing their own story about mental health. By contributing your experiences, you can help open the discussion about the importance of mental health and tear down the stigma that keeps it so hidden. By sharing this project, you can foster support.

We Speak blog | More information | Submit your story | Mental health resources | By Alicia Kovalcheck

This is an amazing project. We must be brave to speak with our hearts.

Please talk about mental health with those you love. It is one of the most important things to talk about as a human.

I care about this.

I will be in A2 this Saturday, I might try and go see this.

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Barbara Kruger, Your Body is a Battleground, 1989, photographic silkscreen on vinyl, 284.5 x 284.5 cm

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harry potter -> minimalist 

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Rape, By The Numbers.

everyone needs to see this graphic



I linked this to my guy friends who always use the excuse of “What about the false reports? It’s not fair that innocent men are accused of a crime they didn’t commit”

2 out of 1000. 0.02% Of all rapes are false.

Men are actually much more likely to be raped themselves (1 in 33) than to be falsely accused.

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Contemporary Art Week!

Tamara Natalie Madden

Madden lists among influences Gustav Klimt and images of Egyptian royalty. You can view many, many more images of her work here at her official website.

I find these breathtaking acrylic and mixed media paintings evocative of both the Fayum Mummy Portraits and early medieval icons featuring the Black Madonna.

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